The Best Jobs in Turkey That Expats have a Higher Chance of Getting

The Best Jobs in Turkey That Expats have a Higher Chance of Getting

Finding a job in Turkey may not be that easy especially if you are not well informed about the main positions that are available. Before you start looking for a job, it’s always advisable that you get equipped with the right knowledge and skills. This can be achieved by undertaking the necessary training in whatever field you intend to venture in. With the current technological advancement, you need to constantly update your skills. This is the only way that you will stay relevant and competitive in the job market. Below is a list of the common Jobs in Turkey That Expats are likely to get:

1. Customer care services

If you are a fluent English speaker, you have a high chance of getting a customer service job in Turkey. This is due to the increase in the number of international businesses. These businesses are in need of customer cares who can help them maintain and establish good customer relations especially with the local customers. You can also find this kind of a job in the numerous tourist agencies that are available in Turkey. Your main tasks in a customer care job will include receiving phone calls from customers and attending meetings. You have to ensure that you have good public relation skills so that you can represent the interests of your employer in the best way possible. Good interpersonal skills will play a big role in ensuring that you maintain the customers and also expand the customer network.


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2. Teach foreign languages

You can also make a living in Turkey by becoming foreign language teacher. As a foreigner, you have your own local language which majority of the locals in Turkey may be interested in learning. So many people are making a decent living by doing this in Turkey. If you are wondering how you may start off, you can start by offering private lessons. Sometimes you have to be patient and be ready to start off small as you aim big. Therefore, offer private lessons as you build your network. You can later move to teaching in language schools or private colleges. You may find vacancies in seasonal courses too if you want to venture in the foreign language sector. For you to succeed in this sector, you should have Turkish language skills. This is the only way you can be able to communicate with your students effectively. Therefore, learn the Turkish language too before you venture into teaching your local language. The main foreign languages that are taught in Turkey include French, German, English, Spanish and Arabic.

3. Baby sitting

If you are good with babies, this is an area you should consider. Most high income earners in turkey hire nannies to help them raise their children. Some prefer nannies who can raise their children with a second language such as English or German. You therefore need to have good communication skills especially with kids. These jobs pay well and your accommodation and food is taken care of.

4. Editing and Translating

This position requires good grammatical skills. You should also be a native speaker for you to qualify for this job. There are numerous publishers in turkey who are in need of proofreaders especially for the translated work. You can also become an editor in publishing firms such as newspaper media houses. You can start working as a part-timer as you aim towards building a good portfolio. It can take you a few years for you to become a renowned and respected editor if you have the right discipline and talents. If you don’t want a permanent job in translation, you can take a translation project and work on it. This is a good way of making quick cash in turkey.

5. Sales specialist in Import-export

If you have good sales skills, you should pursue this line. There are numerous shipping and textile sectors that are ready to hire import-export specialist. Native English speakers have the highest demand in such sectors. The main task as an import-export specialist is to manage the international activities of your employer. You need good presentation and communication skills for you to survive in this field. Good customer care skills may also help you in achieving your sales goals. If you have a good degree from a good university, finding a job in this sector may be quite easy for you. If you have at least a one year experience you may have an added advantage.


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